The functioning and beneficial aspects Galvanic Volume Corrector

Today, technology has had an impact on every sector of the economy including the gas distribution sector. When you buy natural gas, the chances are that you may not receive the actual volume that you bought if the mode of transportation is not the perfect one. Both the seller and the buyer of natural gas ought to make sure that the mechanism used to transport gas is convenient and efficient. As such, whether you are receiving or sending natural gas, you need to be sure that the actual value of the gas transported is assessed in the right way.

Determining the actual value of the transported gas delivered calls for a precise measurement of Btu content that is corrected for pressure and temperature. You will need a galvanic volume corrector, not just a rotary or turbine meter. This article will take you through the functioning and beneficial aspects of galvanic volume corrector.

A galvanic volume corrector is one of the most pocket-friendly electronic volume correctors that you can get on the market today. It is one of the must have instruments when it comes to determining the volume of the gas delivered. The good thing about this device is that it uses a versatile and user-friendly software. Its advanced features are the reasons why the device has a high performance. The fact is, this volume corrector is the most economical option for custody transfer applications available in the market today.

Rotary meters or turbines have been in use for a long time in transporting natural gas, but they only measure the volume of gas that flows through them. In this case, the physical volume of the meter determines the uncorrected volume of natural gas. Gas volume varies as a result of temperature changes and live pressure that occurs in the pipeline. Galvanic volume corrector functions differently since its electronic device thus fully compensates the variations in gas volumes to accurately determine the true volume of natural gas flowing through the meter.

The galvanic corrector is a three-in-one instrument that is used to calculate the corrected volume, according to AGA8 and AGA7. The device is perfect for both instrument-mount and remote-mount applications. The device is usually mounted directly to a rotary or turbine gas meter via a mechanical instrument drive, and the volume corrector generates an electrical signal representing the volume of gas that has been measured by the meter. Then, it calculates the volume corrected. The ideal aspect about this device is that it logs and stores all the resulting data in memory for data distribution and record keeping.

The automated options of the device include configurable alarms that are cable of initiating email notifications or automatic dial-out alarm & automated meter reporting/reading. The security benefits of the device are that it comes with a fully configurable Modbus and has three levels of password protection. For continuous measurement, the device used redundant backup measurement.